1. What does a Speech Pathologist do?
Our Speech pathologists specialise in speech, autism, literacy, fussy eating, social skills, childhood apraxia of speech, comprehension, expressive language and developmental delays.
2. What does an Occupational Therapist do?
Our occupational Therapists specialise in helping children develop their sensory processing difficulties, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, autism, play skills, toileting, eating and drinking, body awareness, visual processing and developmental delays.
3. Do you have a waiting list?
Yes, due to high demand we currently have a waiting list for both speech and OT. It is hard to give an accurate wait time as it is always changing as we book people in and as the list is constantly growing.
4. Can I use private health?
Yes, Capable Kids is registered with all major health funds and we have HICAPS facilities in the clinic. Please contact your provider to ensure you are covered for therapy.
5. Are we NDIS registered?

From November 2022 we will no longer be NDIS registered. This means we are still able to see Self-Managed and Plan Managed participants, however, Agency Managed plans will no longer be accepted. 

6. Do we accept Medicare Plans?
Yes, we accept Medicare plans and have full Medicare rebate facilities here at the clinic.
7. Do I need a referral?
No, we are a private practice, so no referral is required. Please call our clinic to place your child on the waiting list.
8. Do we need another assessment if my child has already had one?
If your child has had an assessment within in the last 12 months, we will try to see them without doing another assessment. We will need a copy of the previous assessment report for the therapist, so they have an understanding of your child’s needs and assessment scores.
9. Can you see my child at preschool, school or home?
Yes, we have few therapists who travel out of the clinic on certain days. A travel fee will incur on top of the therapy fee depending on location.
10. How long will my child need therapy?
This is one of our most common questions, and the most difficult to answer. It depends on many factors including the type and severity of problem and how dedicated you are to your home practice. Some children only need to attend the assessment and no ongoing therapy is required. Some children will need to attend on a weekly basis for a few months and some children may need therapy indefinitely.
11. How do I book my child in for therapy?
Please be aware there may be waiting lists for certain services. The best way to find out about bookings is to call or email our friendly administration team or you can fill out the referral form here.