Natalie Manley

Director and Owner of Capable Kids

Speech Pathologist

  • Bachelor Applied Science (Speech Pathology) – The University of Sydney

  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology – University of New England

  • Certificate in Certified Orofacial Myology Specialist – Graduate School of Behavioural Health Sciences

  • Certified Practising Member – Speech Pathology Australia

Natalie has 15 years of experience working in Paediatric Speech Pathology. She worked for a number of government services including Sydney Children’s Hospital, community health and in specialist diagnostic and assessment teams. Natalie is passionate about collaborative, wholistic assessment and has a vast network of professionals that she works with to ensure the best outcomes for your child. Natalie has extensive experience working with children with communication disorders and has special interests in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech and literacy difficulties as well as children with speech and language disorders. She is trained in a number of specific therapy modalities including Hanen More than Words and It Takes Two to Talk, DIR Floor time, MULTILIT, PECS and Secret Agent Society. Natalie is also a Certified Oral Facial Myologist. 

Natalie is passionate about identifying and treating the causes of your child’s difficulties in the context of their family and educational environment. She is a mother of two children and understands that every family is different and every child has different needs. This understanding leads to her ongoing commitment to ensuring that she accesses the most up to date training and techniques in all areas of Speech Pathology practice.