Allied Health Assistant Services

Blast Off is our innovative therapy extension program designed for busy families and those seeking additional support beyond the clinic. Our Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) step in to bridge the gap, providing regular sessions that reinforce and extend the therapeutic work initiated by your child’s primary therapist.

Whether it’s challenging to schedule multiple sessions, complete at-home exercises, or manage the costs of intensive therapy, Blast Off is the boost your child needs.

With a focus on consistency and convenience, AHAs deliver therapy at home or school, aligning closely with therapists to achieve session goals and facilitate weekly home tasks. This program is the thrust your child needs to propel their progress forward.

Skills in Action is a specialized service tailored to children who are ready to take their therapy to the next level. Mirroring the success of Capable Kids South Coast’s renowned Next Level program, this service is designed to translate therapeutic goals into real-world skills.

This program focuses on developing participation and capacity, providing opportunities for inclusion and increasing independence in the home and community. Building capacity is about achieving goals that are meaningful to your child. It is a collaborative approach between child, parent and therapists.

Goals will include activities of daily living, functional communication, social pragmatics and executive functioning.

Essentially it is Allied Health Assistants working with your child in the home and community with a SP and OT developing and monitoring the program.

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