About Us

Welcome to Capable Kids

Capable Kids is a multidisciplinary paediatric practice based in Sydney’s Southern Suburbs in Engadine and in Warrawong in the Illawarra. We are a small group of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Behavioural Therapists and Educational Consultants who specialise in learning and development for children and young adults aged from 0-18 years.

At Capable Kids we believe in not only treating the child and their difficulties, but including the whole family unit and any other significant people in the child’s life in the remediation process. This includes teachers, child care workers, grandparents, tutors, other therapists, medical professionals and anyone else that has an interest in your child’s development. We work together as a team to provide the best possible treatment for your child and strive to educate ourselves with the latest techniques and evidence base for what we do.

The staff at Capable Kids are highly trained and passionate about what we do. Each child is seen as an individual and the assessment process aims to be as holistic as possible, looking at the child over many settings and situations.

At Capable Kids we believe that therapy should be fun and all sessions aim to incorporate activities and rewards that motivate your child. We aim to empower both children and their parents by including them in the decision making process throughout the entire assessment and therapy process and taking a family centred approach to remediation.

Research suggests that children with communication or learning difficulties have the best outcomes when these problems are treated early. However, we also believe that it is never too late to receive therapy and that most problems can be resolved or improved with therapy.

Our Vision

Our vision at Capable Kids is to provide every family with an outstanding, family centred early intervention experience, striving to assist every child to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission at Capable Kids is:

  • to provide an environment where the families who access our services are encouraged to advocate for their children, educate themselves and feel empowered in their ability to provide their children with the best outcome.
  • to provide an environment where Capable Kids team members are committed to ongoing development in the professional and personal aspects of their lives to allow them to facilitate the journey of families and children to reach their full potential.



Our values at Capable Kids are: 

  • excellence  in all that we do
  • respect  for our clients and each other
  • loyalty  to our clients and each other
  • integrity  at every step of our journey