Hanen ™ More Than Words ® and It Takes Two To Talk ® are group therapy programs which aim to empower parents and children who have language delay. More Than Words ® is an Autism Specific Program which incorportates play, behaviour, social skills, sensory needs, visuals and language development. It Takes Two To Talk is a program that targets any child with a language delay and has been proven to be effective with children who have developmental delays and other conditions which affect their language development as well as with children who are developing normally.

Both programs are centered around parent training. All of the child’s main carers are encouraged to attend the parent training sessions, and techniques learnt at the sessions are then practised at home. The parent training sessions are complimented by individual home visits where the Speech Pathologist visits the child in their home environment and the parents demonstrate the techniques. Adaptations are then suggested by the Speech Pathologist to ensure that the child is reaching their maximum potential.